for a good time rent
the freshjive karaoke den (designed by rick klotz)

Rick Klotz, streetwear pioneer and mastermind behind freshjive, RMK, and Warriors of Radness adds private party room to his list of design credentials. The mad man of provocation, guru of F U articulation, and counterculturist extraordinaire has partnered with Fortune Sound Club to bring you the freshjive karaoke den. The freshjive karaoke den is just a door away from Fortune’s main room, but its vibe sends you to a secret Hong Kong karaoke lounge with a hint of the neo-noir; Rick Klotz wants to take you and your friends to a place with neon signs, shadowy figures, and seedy Chinatown corners, but with a lot more fun and a karaoke machine. And since this room is from the curious mind of Rick Klotz, the wallpaper literally spells out ‘sex’ in Chinese calligraphy.  

Book the freshjive karaoke den, which features karaoke, an XBOX 360/DVD player complete with games, and a 40” LCD flat screen TV. Bring your ipod to be your own selectah, or at the turn of a switch, tune into what the world’s best DJs have to offer in the club’s main room.  


- fits 15-20 people
- karaoke machine, complete with a wide variety of songs
- XBOX 360 with games (NHL 10; FIFA Soccer 10; NBA Live 10; Need for Speed Shift; Stranglehold;     Pure Futbol; Fight Night Round 4) or bring your own
- DVD player (via XBOX 360)
- option to bring your ipod to DJ your own party, or tune into what the world’s best DJs have to offer in the club’s main room
- 40″ LG LCD flat screen TV
- cable


- $250 room rental (but you get this back in FREE covers, see below)
- 15 FREE no line, no cover (value of $225 at $15 per person cover)
- group drink minimum $450
- provide a visa imprint in case of damages


Please e-mail with:
1) The date you are requesting (eg. Friday, Jan.8) and ‘Karaoke room’ in the subject box
2) The full names of every guest in your party

If you submit your request properly, you will get a response before the event (this could take a couple days).
Please Note: requests for the upcoming week will be addressed first.


- We have the right to refuse any requests at our discretion.
- We are a member of Bar Watch and your ID will be scanned. Gang members or affiliates are not             welcome.
- Valid ID (w/magstrip) eg. Driver’s license, BC ID is required for entry. Acceptance of passports or     other forms of ID is at our discretion.
- Guest list is a privilege, not a right. Please respect the door hosts.
- Note VIP/Guest list expiry time, cut-off times are STRICT, so arrive 1/2 hour early.
- Please be aware that all guests that show up after the allotted time might not gain entry to the establishment in a timely matter based on our capacity.
- VIP line access is based on a first come first served basis.
- Please come early to avoid missing out on the good times.


No douchebag policy. No Affliction, Tapout, Christian Audiger, SMET, Ed Hardy, MMA gear etc. You and your rhinestones are not welcome here. Make sure your guests know this.