space eco-conscience construction

The intimate and innovative space by Orangutang Design is equal parts quality, function, conscientiousness, and aesthetic appeal. Eco-friendly design specs include recycled gluellam beam bar tops, table tops, and shelving; locally-manufactured LED lighting, a new HVAC system, T5 fluorescent lighting, low VOC paints, TOTO  low-flow toilets and urinals, as well as a locally-designed and built stainless steel custom bar.

Artistic collaborators include street artist Shepard Fairey and streetwear designers Rick Klotz of freshjive and Kenta Goto of brknhome. Shepard Fairey’s massive install greets you at the front door and follows you up into the main space, while two custom ‘Designed By’ artist series rooms from Rick Klotz (for Timebomb) and Kenta Goto (for Livestock) will be open for you to just chill in and/or available for private parties upon request.

To complement the Funktion-One Soundsystem, Fortune Sound Club offers a custom DJ booth, which can cater to a four-turntable battle or any house aficionado. In the main space, a 16-foot-by-16-foot stage opens up to a reclaimed, red oak dance floor with plenty of bounce for the knees. Fortune Sound Club presents the freshest goods, whether it’s for a one off party, a special event, a live show, or one of our weekly jams.